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We are still doing the free fitness assessments. Call 785-456-4766 and set up a time to come and see how fit your are (or aren't).....
Our running season is pretty much over for this year in regard to races. I am still training, though, and some Sunday mornings I will be out doing long training runs. Getting ready for Wicked Half Marathon in March, 2018. Here is a brief list for December and January for any events that we might be involved in:
The new year is here. Right now, UGF doesn't have anything special planned for January. As we get closer to the warmer months, we look to have some runner/walker get-together days on some Saturdays or Sundays. At these you we will do some walks/runs/jogs or whatever you might like to do. Moms can bring the strollers and kids will be welcome. This is just a time for people to get out and get s little exercise at no cost and meet new people and just have a little bit of fun. Watch the website and Facebook page for dates and times.
I currently do not have any runs planned until March 2018, but that does not mean I won't do any run at all. I like running, so if the right race comes up, I might be gone on a Saturday morning. I will post on here in advance. 
If any of you runners/walkers in Wamego would like to be part of a running/walking club here, please let me know. I see lots of people who run or walk and I think it would be fun to get together once in a while and just have some fun. There would not be any cost to anyone wanting to do a Sunday fun run or walk, just a get together to meet new friends or challenge old friends. Great way to get some good exercise also. Contact me, Larry Wassinger, at 785-456-4766 if you are interested.



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Got a healthy recipe you would like to share? Email me at undergroundfitness66547@yahoo.com and we will post here and on our 
Facebook page. Also, if you have an event you would like to share, let us know. We will share it for you too.