UnderGround Fitness LLC

Where everyone is still a work in PROGRESS!!!

One on one fitness training by appointment

At UnderGround Fitness LLC, we offer the following:

Personal Time Workout Session (supervised):**

This is for the person that has experience in fitness training in the past. You know what you want to achieve and don't want to have that personal trainer in your face while you do your thing. We will be there to assist when needed and answer questions or make suggestions when you ask for them. You make the appointment and the equipment is yours for 30-45 minutes.

Workout With Trainer (non-program):**

You want a trainer, but don't want to pay a yearly membership + trainer fees like the big box gyms charge. You get 30-45 minutes of personal training where we cover technique and form. We will aid you in your lifting and exercise in respect to how much you should lift, suggest cardio or core exercises during your session, and answer questions. You set up your program and we will help you do it right.

**All training sessions are by appointment. This allows us to offer you your time without interruption or having to wait until someone else is off a device that you are wanting to use. Your time is very important to us in regard to you training. Our aim is to provide a good workout without the big gym atmosphere. Remember, there in no contract requirement and no yearly membership fees!!!!

SOON TO COME:  Sport and Exercise Nutrition certification and Exercise Therapy certification. I will still not be a licensed nutritionist/dietitian, so I won't be able to set up any special diet programs. I will, though, be able to provide more information for you as concerns exercise and sports nutrition. With the Exercise Therapy certification, I will be able to work with people that face special situations in regard to reaching their goals of becoming more self-sufficient and having a healthier lifestyle. I will let you all know when I finish my learning in these programs.