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stability training with a number different balls, buso training, plyometric steps, to name a few

 Body Weight and 
Stability Device

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We use several different types of stability and body weight training techniques to help with proper form and technique. Body weight training uses your own weight for exercises like squats, reverse lunges, push ups, etc. We also use stability devices such as balls and steps and air pads for different types of situps and cardio workout instead of weights and treadmills.
free wieghts, body weight, and resistance training offering different approaches for different goals.

Weight Training

We use devices such as a butterfly/seated chest press machine; a Smith machine with attachments for squats, lat bar work, pulley aided curls, weighted rowing, dealifts, bench press among other execises; dumbbell free weights; and a free weight half rack for doing squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull ups/chin ups. We added a TRX strap system  which is part of the body weight training using the half rack.

We have recently added resistance band training for those who are not fans of free weights. This allows a person the opportunity to train for strength and toning without the use of free weights and the potential for injury that can be part of free weight training.

Core and Cardio

We use several different types of workouts that will help with core and cardio training. For the core, planks, situps, crunches, hanging leg lits, and a few others that help strengthen the core. Cardio will include such things as burpees, jumping jacks, walking and a couple of other heart rate raising exercises to get that blood flowing. Remember, your core is just what it says, the core or center of your being. Get it in condition and the rest will follow...