UnderGround Fitness LLC

Where everyone is still a work in PROGRESS!!!


$10 personal training sessions, are you for real??? Yes we are for real, and with no membership fee or yearly contracts. Training runs $10 per session, billed monthly. Sessions will last approximately 30 minutes and will be your choice of type of workout that fits what you want to accomplish.


Body Weight/Suspension Training: Body weight training is you using just your own body weight in the exercises you do. No weights or bands are required for this type of workout. TRX suspension training uses straps to aid in exercises. You can do squats, push ups, rowing and a variety of cardio workouts using the TRX strap system.

Resistance Band Training: use of bands to do such things as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and curls to name a few. Bands allow you to control the amount of exertion is needed to perform a given exercise. Can get the same results as lifting weights without the gravity that works against you with free weights.

Free Weights/Weight Machines: Smith machine, squat rack, Keys multi-station pulley aided machine, kettlebells, dumbbells are available for free weight work. We do not have all the machines and tons of weights the big gyms have, but we can most assuredly make you just as sore as they can...for less money too.

Cardio Training: We have a great stationary bike, an elliptical trainer, a treadmill, and a tread climber. Guarantee we can get that heart rate up.

Walking/Running: I am a runner, but I started walking first. If you are a beginner in exercise, this is a good place to start. Walking is how I got started and lost over 250 pounds and got over some medical issues. You don't have to start running just because you are out walking. We can do weighted exercises while walking around the softball complex. This will require a special time necessity and may require the session to run longer than normal 30 minute sessions. We will discuss how to implement this program.

Again, $10 per session, billed monthly, no membership fees and no yearly contract....check it out.