UnderGround Fitness LLC

Where everyone is still a work in PROGRESS!!!


At UnderGround Fitness LLC, we offer the following:

 PERSON TRAINING: one on one training using several training options depending on you. You decide if you want to lift heavy weights, ride an exercise bike or do body weight or resistance band training.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: we can give you the essentials to help you get into the healthy eating lifestyle to help you lose weight and get you fitness to it's peak. We are not licensed nutritionists or dietitians, so we can not set up a diet for you. We can provide the ground work for you or recommed a licensed person that can set up that diet program for you.

EXERCISE THERAPY: If you are having surgery or have finished PT following surgery, come see us. I am a specialist in exercise therapy and can work with you both pre-surgery and post phiysical therapy. I can also work with people that have problems performing the tasks of everyday living. Basic exercise therapy can help strengthen the areas that are going to be surgically repaired and can help with the continued mobility following the physical therapy program.

TRAINING ON THE ROAD: If you have your own home gym and would like a session on a weekend, please contact us. I would love to come to your gym and work with you. Usually available on Saturday or Sunday by appointment.

NEW TRAINER AVAILABLE: I would like to announce that UnderGround Fitness LLC now has a new Trainer available. Paula is awesome in being able to work with you for your fitness goals. Please feel free to contact us for more details. This brings a new dimension to UnderGround Fitness LLC.